Latest Technology

We use a Termatrac T3i device which is currently the most advanced technology in the world developed to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites. This device has three essential tools in the one machine. A remote thermal sensor with laser guide, a moisture sensor and a termite detection radar.

This technology determines and confirms termite activity without damaging building structures.

The termite detection radar is the most effective and accurate technology available to locate the presence of termites.

termite nest in wall
This was a massive termite nest we found in a wall cavity. Regular termite inspections would have detected this nest well before it got to this size and created this much damage.

Call top termite and pest today and we will show you this ground breaking technology at work in your next inspection.

T3I inspection
Using the T3i in an inspection gives us an advantage over traditional inspection techniques.

What this means for our customers

  • Peace of mind – we can find termites and show you proof on an easy to read screen after we have treated them
  • No inspection damage
  • Lower inspection costs
  • Less environmental impact
  • Proof that our treatments do work