What’s Bugging You at Night?



There are a wide variety of creeping, crawling pests here in Australia. These pests bring a variety of germs, dirt, and debris. With regular general pest treatments we can help make sure these extra house guests are evicted. We are environmentally conscientious during treatments using only the safest and best products available.

We have special deals on getting your general pest treatment and termite inspection done on the same day so call us today and make your house pest and termite free.


Cockroaches are nocturnal scavengers that contaminate food products, utensil, and machines. They utilise cracks and crevices to feel a sense of security between close surfaces and machinery to keep warm. If you are seeing them in daylight hours this may be a strong indication of an overpopulated environment, better known as a cockroach infestation and you will need our services. They are an amazingly resilient insect and are closely related to termites. Fossilised origins of cockroaches have been traced back to 300 million years with very little change to their anatomy when compared to ones that exist today.

Cockroach Treatment

Weather we are treating domestic or commercial cockroach infestations we focus on the knowledge we have of the targeted species, its habits and harbourages. This combined with the latest in cockroach gel, dust and spray products will ensure you won’t be facing any cockroach plague.


Love them or leave them, Australia has around 3000 known species of spiders. Spiders play a key role in our environment, helping to control the other creepy crawlies. Depending on the species, their mating season can range from spring to autumn. Female spiders, depending on the species, can lay anywhere from 4 to 600 eggs at a time. Eggs then hatch at the end of mating season, which is usually the next spring. So around this time of year you could experience a lot of spiders in and around your home if you aren’t getting annual spider treatments. Check out this spider identification chart.


Ant treatments are the most technical of general pest treatments we conduct. Finding and eradicating ants from your home is a task that should be left to professionals. Ants are everywhere in Australia. Then they leave behind a trail of soil and debris, which will be followed by their tens of thousands of family members. They may set up their nest in the ground, but they may also decide to live in your wall cavities and roof. Biting ants create much pain and discomfort for many people living on the SUNSHINE COAST AND HINTERLAND regions of Queensland. We help many people with their ant problems.

Ant sprayExterior ant treatment to paving area and bi-fold doors

Our Ant Control Approach

  • We start by inspecting the area and surveying active ant trails. We’ll also be asking you for any ant history or other pertinent information.
  • We then locate and treat the nest directly – if possible and reasonable.
  • Then our focus is on protecting your property from getting ants again. We can place a chemical barrier between the nest and your house (or other food sources). We will also install ant bait stations when required.
  • We give you some hygiene, sanitation or other ideas to prevent further ant visitors.

Black Ants

Black ants are the most common ant you will find invading homes on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. Their nests are commonly found in the ground under bark or decaying timber. They can also nest in trees and shrubs. Home owners can commonly find these ants moving across ceiling beams and joists and drop ant debris onto surfaces below. They come into buildings to feed on sugar based foods in kitchens, drink water in our bathrooms, to find higher ground before it rains and can be seen in walls and roof voids. They live in very large nest numbers and controlling them successfully is all about experience. Most home owners that try the ‘do it yourself’ approach will tend to fail most of the time. We have the solutions to your black ant invasions.

Browns Ants

These ants are commonly found nesting under pavers and pathways. They churn out soil and sand onto pavers which is the common sight you will see when they are outside or around your home. The also infest houses around window sills, skirting boards and wall cavities. These insects are protein and fat feeders as opposed to sweet feeders like the black ant. Remove those unwanted brown ants today and let us take care of your ant problems.

Carpenter Ants

These ants like to live in fences, wall cavities, external cladding or around wet areas of houses like subfloor timbers, bathrooms, window frames, door jams, roof voids and laundry areas where moisture exists. They can live in large numbers and cause very minor structural damage over a long period of time. They are more of a nuisance pest that you will find yourself cleaning up after.

Funnel Ants

Funnel Ants are one of the hardest to control ants in Australia and many homeowners are spending fortunes at their local hardware each year to try and control the funnel ant problem with very ordinary, if any results.

In certain areas on the sunshine coast and hinterland funnel ants are in plague proportions and it is not uncommon to see many lawns ruined by the unsightly raised, funnel-shaped entry domes that signify funnel ants have made their home in backyards.

We have been helping residents in their battle with funnel ants and with outstanding results.
One customer came to us to see if we could help after struggling with funnel ants for years. We treated their lawn once and now this customer has their lawn back for the first time in years. Read our customer testimonials to hear how we have helped customers in their funnel ant battle.

Spring is the perfect time to get funnel ants under control before summer hits because this is when ants tend to be most active. Funnel ants regularly travel to the surface to build their distinctive nest entrances, especially after rain.

Our positive approach to managing major Funnel Ant infestations in lawns is to apply the most proven chemical on the market, Termidor. Termidor is traditionally a termite control chemical which has a unique transfer effect to the ants. Because Termidor is completely undetectable, ants can’t avoid it. Instead they walk right through it then they carry it on their bodies and pass it onto the other ants in the colony and take it back to their nests – this is called a transfer effect and this is why Termidor is the only chemical on the market today which can effectively kill funnel ants. By applying Termidor to the funnel ant nest we can target funnel ants that are deeper down in the soil profile were they feed on scale insects attached to the roots of the grass.

Get on top of your funnel ant problem and call us today.

funnel ant beforeMapleton customers front lawn before funnel ant treatment

funnel ant afterThe same customers lawn after funnel ant treatment.

Jumping Ants

Jumping Ants or bull ants are highly aggressive species which also pack quite a punch. These ants live in the soil and some have large nest mounds that are easy to identify. Their bite can cause an anaphylactic (or severe) allergic reaction in some people. Treatment of these ants is a job best left to professionals as it requires protective clothing and special chemical to ensure the ants nesting colony is totally eradicated.

Green Ants

These ants may technically be harmless, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t annoying! Their nests, which can be as deep as a meter, often go unnoticed until somebody gets bitten. If that somebody is a small child, they can be left physically ill for several hours. These ants are very common on the Sunshine Coast and have ruined many family picnics.


One of the methods of removing ants from a property is using specially designed feeding stations that attract ants. Some baiting systems contain the ants, while others are laced with treatments that will exterminate the whole nest. We will determine the best ant treatment method once we have inspected your property.


Mice and rats are a common pest problem in both residential and commercial properties. Rodents are masters of food contamination and structural damage. We offer TOP solutions – from annual rodent control to monthly servicing for large commercial premises. Rodents can cause significant physical damage to electrical, stock, plumbing and timber around homes or commercial sites. This kind of damage can cost a small fortune in lost wages, repairs, and increased insurance costs.

Nobody likes rats or mice living in their home, business, or in any food service area they visit. It’s important to get a rodent problem under control because rodents are prolific breeders. They can have 7-12 offspring in a 3 month breeding cycle.

Rodents can also contaminate commercial food storage areas, company packaging, and work areas with their droppings and urine. The smell of rodent faeces and urine not only makes a work area unbearably unpleasant, but it can also make you ill.

Historically rodents were responsible for transmitting the plague bacterium (Yersinia Pestis) from one rodent to another. This disease was known as the “black plague”, it was transferred from rodent to human via the oriental rat flea, which took the lives of more than 25 million people in Europe back in the fourteenth century.

Top Termite & Pest has a variety of safe and effective methods to control and eliminate any rodent problem – no matter what your individual needs are.


Bait Stations and Baiting

rodent baiting imageChanging rodent bait inside a bait station at a commercial site

The most common form of rodent control used in the commercial industry is known as baiting, or using bait stations. Bait stations are a tamper proof, lockable container that eliminates the existing pest problem, but also protect people, pets and other non-targeted species. The baits are engineered to attract rodents via both smell and taste. Bait stations should be checked every two months in the warmer months of the year, and monthly in the cooler months.


Trapping is an effective, older technique in rodent control. In specific situations, it can have amazing results. It can be used as an effective alternative in environments where rodents could get stuck, or worse, stink up an area.

How do I know if I have rodents?

Here are some common sense ways to recognise a potential rodent problem:

  • If you see burrows, tracks, rodent footprints or droppings then you may have rodents. These will most likely be seen around vegetation, soil, sheds or within house cupboards.
  • If you notice nesting materials like straw, cardboard, rags or paper in your roof or walls.
  • Chewing marks on structural building materials, fruit trees or food in your house.
  • Rodents are notorious for making loud noises in the early hours of the morning. These noises will usually be heard coming from the roof or walls. These sounds are most often the sounds of rodents jumping, chewing, fighting, squeaking and scratching.
  • Strong foul odours such as urine, faecal matter or the smell of dead animals.


Fleas are a nasty problem and their numbers will increase rapidly if left untreated. Fleas thrive in dry soil areas and on pets so treating both these at the same time is important to the success rate of the treatment. Our professional treatment will save you being eaten alive around the ankles and wrists in your own home.

We often get calls from people who are exiting a property and need a flea treatment done to get their bond back.

Call us on 1300 663 808 to get your home or business free of these nasty pests.


Silverfish naturally inhabit areas around rotting logs, bark, soil or leaf litter in our gardens. They are mostly a nocturnal pest that are just as comfortable hiding incracks crevices and roof voids of our homes. They like to feed on clothing, books and paper making them a nuisance in homes.


The carpet beetle leaves a trail of damaged patches in woollen carpets as they eat their way through carpeted areas. They can do moderate to extensive damage so we recommend people act quickly when they first notice the damage cause by these pests.


Bed bugs are parasites who bite humans to feed on our blood. Symptoms are frequent itching that can also lead to infection and disease. There have always been bed bugs in Australia but the numbers have shot up rapidly in recent years. They are found in around beds and crawl into nooks and crannies in walls and furniture. One of the main tell-tale signs you have bed bugs is finding unexplained blood spotting on bed sheets, mattresses and bed frames. Top Termite & Pest will provide you with qualified and experienced technicians to deal with all parasitic pest problems.



Flies sprayOutside fly treatment

Flies are everywhere you look in Australia. Flies affect everyone at some stage, particularly during the warmer months of the year.

Top Termite & Pest can set up a fly treatment programme to suit commercial needs. In wet areas, cold rooms or places where residual chemicals won’t work, we install fly units that use ultraviolet light to attract flies to a sticky board. The sticky board is changed as required during our routine service call. This method can also be effective on moths and other flying insects.

Here are some small tips we can give you that can help limit the activity around your homes.

  • Maintain annual Top Termite & Pest treatments. The chemicals and products available to our technicians will give you the results you want.
  • Keep your house hold environment free from bins that are overflowing with rubbish, double bag if necessary.
  • Clean your drains often.
  • Make sure you have enough flyscreens around the house and that they are in good condition.
  • Commercial or rural properties may need the installation of fluorescent fly lights with sticky boards to aid in controlling numbers.

Fruit fly

These are common pests when the warmer weather strikes and our fruit bowls are overflowing with natures goodness. We use pheromone attractant sticky boards to catch these little pests.


Birds can become a serious problem when they decide to nest or roost on your building. Bird infestations can bring other pests to the same area like fleas, ticks, flies and bird mites. Domestic and commercial bird treatments always start with a thorough inspection of the problematic areas. We use the most proven methods to offer our customers premium long lasting results.

The droppings from birds discolour and stain external walls and if humans come in contact with droppings we may contract salmonella poisoning. Birds can cause considerable internal and external damage to properties due to their droppings and nesting material. They also carry bacterial disease and bird lice that can be very irritating towards humans.

Top Termite & Pest has the most current and effective solutions for a full range of bird situations whether it be baiting, trapping or metal spike repellents – we have got you covered.


Bird Spikes and Wire Systems

Bird spikes work well in domestic or commercial situations, they act as a strong deterrent by not allowing the birds a spot to land, roost or nest. If the structure in question exceeds over one story in height a scissor lift or a cherry picker maybe required. Bird wires are another way to deter birds from landing on structures and is kept taught between two anchor points making it very uncomfortable for birds to roost.

Bird Gels

This is a treatment method that many people are not familiar with. Bird Gels act as a slippery deterrent that birds find irritating.


Some people don’t know if they are allergic to wasps until they feel that dreaded sting and consequently end up in hospital. Wasp treatments and removal of nests must be left to our professional team. We will protect your family with safe and effective removal of wasps and their nests.


These bees do exactly what their name suggest, they infest the mortar between bricks. The female bees tunnel deep into mortar to rear their young. If you think you have mortar bees call Top Termite & Pest now.

mortar beeMortar Bee flying into brick work at a house in Beerwah.


There is an exciting new range of products that work well in our industry that are proving to be more environmentally minded. Please note we do these treatments on a residential scale, nothing larger than your common backyard.